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Missed delivery, call or voicemail (Flubot) scams

Since August 2021, many Australians have been getting scam text messages about missed calls, voicemails or deliveries. Initially the scam involved consumers receiving text messages about voicemails or missed calls.

Most recently the scam has evolved to now relate to messages about parcel delivery. All messages contain a link. If a consumer clicks the link and downloads the app presented, their phone will be infected.

Once installed, the application is able to read and send text messages, make calls and access contacts. We also understand the app uploads the infected devices’ contact lists to a central server, which then distributes these to other infected Australian phones, so that those phones can send the Flubot messages to the numbers copied from contact lists.

Our understanding is that while Flubot can only infect Android devices, clicking the links in the messages may cause iPhones to download other malware.

More information on the Flubot scam, including steps consumers can take if they believe they have downloaded malware is available on Scamwatch at https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/news-alerts/missed-call-or-voicemail-flubot-scams.

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